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The Delirious Imbibers

Welcome to our little club, the Delirious Imbibers.  As the members of CF&T know we like cocktails as much as we like food.  For quite a few years now I have had a group of virtual and in person drinking buddies.  This informal geographically spread group predates Covid and the demands of isolation.  So where on earth do you find us all; as many of you know Marc, co-owner of CF&T is in the UK, in the USA Will, Mike and I share cocktails almost every day.  We share what we are drinking, recipes, suggestions and advice.  There are other members who I drink and share cocktails with in person.  We also go to bars, share ingredients, and refine cocktails in person.  My local crew includes dubious characters like Tori, Tim, Katie, Sherry and Justin who you will see here off and on.  This is the loosely federated group of my drinking mates.  Not everyone likes every cocktail, thus ‘members’ bow in and out depending on their tastes, or bar supplies at the time.  Typically the core group, Will, Mike and I drink them all. Call us “Founding Imbibers” maybe, although sometimes ‘drinking fools’ seems more appropriate.

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What are Delirious Imbibers?

We are a group of cocktail aficionados that constantly look, find, suggest and try various cocktails.  We share thoughts, wild ingredients, adjustment ideas and general opinions of cocktails.  I cannot say these are always useful, as typically we are drinking while using our brains, but what they lack in substance often make up for in humor.  The goal is to find some great cocktails and share them with members.  Sometimes these end up on this blog, such as. 12 Craft Cocktails | All You Need To Know | .  Other times they just lived in text strings, soon lost forever.  We decided to save them more formally, thus our little group here.

Our goal is to have a running diary of cocktails we are enjoying and to share thoughts and continue our conversations through time and over distance. Please join in, it is so easy to be a member of the Delirious Imbibers, turns out if you try and enjoy cocktails you already are.

What Cocktails Are in Season?

Generally we have two seasons, summer and winter.  But they have loose transition times in fall and spring, cocktails and weather have a strong relationship.  Summer season tends to be rum oriented tiki and tropical.  Winter turns toward pre prohibition and prohibition era cocktails, think Savoy and martini quaffs, but lots of room for modern cocktails too.  We try to ensure we are posting what’s coming while we are drinking todays cocktail, keep this scattered club up to speed.  There are no real rules, seriously we are not very serious in the Delirious Imbibers.  It is just drinking after all.

Welcome to the Delirious Imbibers!