For Rick and Marc Cork Fork and Table is a simple way to share a meal, regardless of distance. Pull up a chair, there is plenty of room, let’s get you a glass, try the red, you will love the food.

Cork Fork and Table started as a conversation about bringing a food website to life. We always planned to use friends as collaborators.  Food is about sharing.  We hope you think of this blog as we do, joining us at the table, to sit, talk, cook, and enjoy.   A meal that never ends.

In life, we all have a few moments of perfection. The wedding of Marc and Ivan was one of those for me. It was early spring in the Cotswolds, brisk at night, crisp in the day.  The reception was in an Inn built long before the USA  was even a country. Warmed by massive fireplaces that have recovered travellers for hundreds of years.

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A Cotswold Foodies Dream

Marc and Ivan insisted on a single long table for all the guests.  Imagine the dining hall with hearths, with only one long dining table in the room, and foods brought from all over the world surrounding us. It was a foodie’s dream. Friends new and old were seated together at one common table.  Because in Marc’s words, “It matters.”

Friends on all sides, eating, talking, drinking, toasting. An amazing party of laughter, and earnest discussions among disparate friends. People like food, collected from all over the world.

Food Just off the Beaten Path

Here you will find a collection of food from our world. To us its the world just off the beaten path. Food to share. Having eaten street food on too many streets to count, invited into stranger’s kitchens to learn to make a local delicacy, and consuming many a pint from the “bright” with a master brewer.

Finding a  world full of amazing, real, and earthy eats, served from the heart of the people who make a place what it is.

Cork Fork and Table

This blog is a table upon which we shall share food, travels, and stories.

While the tables and chairs change, friends come and go, those we love and cherish are always welcome.

Here is a simple way to share a meal, regardless of distance.

Pull up a chair, there is plenty of room, let’s get you a glass, try the red, you will love the food. (Have a peak at Naked Wines for some suggestions!)

Rick says,

I love food, not only eating it, but the discovery, preparation and sharing. I exert pretty intensive effort recreating a dish we loved. So please come join our circle of well-traveled foodies and share the experience. 

Rick and Marc’s partnership on Cork, Fork, and Table is probably one of the only transatlantic collaborations represented in a foodie site. They speak regularly, exchange ideas, try each other’s recipes and ask each other for recommendations when friends come to dine. Wooden Spoons across the seas.

Marc says,

Thinking back through the years, it seems there was always a table with food on it. I am at my happiest surrounded by friends, enjoying companionship, food and laughter. (and a glass or two of wine).

Join us and share your favourite recipes too. We truly believe that a meal shared is a meal enjoyed. We are always searching for new flavours, new combinations, and new meal experiences. Don’t be afraid to drop us a line, tell us what you like (or didn’t) and make suggestions for improvement to dishes. In closing, it will be great to hear from you.