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Warm Olives | A Taste You will Never Forget!

Warm Olives

A dish of Warm Olives will make your guests say, “Why didn’t I think of this?”.  We first had this at a Michael Mina restaurant in St Petersburg Florida, called “Farm Table”.  We ordered this and stopped in our tracks, it is so amazing and impossibly simple.  Really, this is a 5-star recipe with almost zero effort.  

Serving Warm Olives will make you very popular, and you can rattle the recipe off from memory.  I’m not sure why Warm Olives are so good and unexpected but they are.

Warm Olives

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  • Get some mixed olives pitted, or not whatever you want. Just don't mix them or you are risking accidental denture work.
  • Small Lemon wedge
  • Dry Italian seasoning unsalted.
  • Water and good Olive Oil



In a small pan fill to below the top with olives.


Sprinkle with dry Italian seasoning maybe a tablespoon or so. I got this from OxBow market in Napa, a real score, but any dry Italian seasoning works, just make sure there is no salt in it.


Squeeze a small wedge of lemon over the olives.


Fill 1/2 way with water, cover with a small amount of good olive oil. Liquid should come up about 2/3 of the way. Stir and let stand for about an hour. Heat over low heat until warm, don't boil, just warm.

Wine Matching

With Olives served as a nibble for pre-dinner cocktails – anything goes! Why not try our Negroni recipe for something special to spoil yourself with.



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