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Acropolis Athens- Room with a View

The Occasion

Greece is a wonderful destination to visit. So much culture covering many thousands of year. It is so pretty in spring with all the flowers putting on the first showing of the year. Of course, the food too is worth making the trip to indulge both body and soul. If you are planning a get together with friends here is some suggestions on how you can bring Plaka into you your home for a real Greek Feast that will be enjoyed by all.

The Friends

Sometimes the Universe decides you get to meet up with old friends, make new friends and spend amazing times around the table sharing food and wine. For the first part of our trip to Greece, we stayed in the most wonderful apartment with panoramic views across the city to the Acropolis (see picture above).

We met up with friends from South Africa, Tessa and Ben, and planned to spend a good two weeks exploring all the antiquities and historical sites. Ben is so knowledgeable on Greek history we were fortunate to have our own personal tour guide. We managed to visit, Athens, Delphi, Epidaurus, Mycenae and of course Mount Olympus.

Ask an Expert

When planning the trip, I asked our Greek expert, Miss Vee. She produces the most exquisite and fresh extra virgin olive oil ‘Huile de Vee’ that we use in a lot of our recipes. You can buy it on http://www.huiledevee.com and drizzle it over everything! She gave perfect recommendations on where to stay and what to do in Athens. She suggested the studio that her parents rent out on airbnb in the centre of Athens and which is breathtaking.

It is a top floor studio in the centre of Athens with a huge wraparound terrace. It has panoramic views of the Acropolis and the old Panathenaic Stadium. Life doesn’t get better than this! Miss Vee introduced us to her parents María and Pavlo who took wonderful care of us and who are now firm friends (as well as the Tina the resident tortoise who shared her terrace with us!). Tessa and Ben loved it! If you are in Athens, this is the best place to stay – check it out here!

The apartment is in a residential area and away from the tourist traps associated with any big city. Maria recommended Stavro’s Taverna around the corner as he would let us take our own wines to share with our new friends. We ate there together several times as either Pavlo or ourselves had found a new wine we wanted to share. A great time was had by all.

The Food

Here are some of the recipes that have been inspired by our time in Stavro’s Taverna. A great Greek Feast for you to share with your friends both new and old.

Greek Menu with Friends View All

The Wine

It was a great time for us to discover local, Greek wines that are becoming increasingly popular elsewhere in Europe, the US, and further afield, even as far as South Africa.

We’d been especially keen to try Assyrtiko, sought out for its crisp citrusy notes and hints of jasmine, sometimes even with a slight touch of salt.  Its bone-dry profile cuts through the oiliness in many traditional Greek dishes.

We also loved the Agiorgitiko (St George’s grape) wines. The ones we tried were deep-coloured and rich in flavour and a marvellous match with slow-cooked lamb. Some wines are vailable from naked wines.


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