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Gin and Tonic with Thai Basil

Those of you keeping up on my love for a Gin and Tonic know I’m pretty serous about this cocktail.  This love affair began before I was even legal to consume alcohol.  During college I drank gin and tonic because I liked it, and as a bonus, nearly all of my fraternity brothers did not.  Rare is a time in most social fraternity houses you can leave a bottle of anything alcoholic laying around and have it not disappear.  Gin was that alcohol, it might as well been invisible.   Well unless your name was Ryan, we still share rare gins, you know who you are brother. 

Please don’t let the simplicity of this drink fool you, a fantastic gin and tonic is magical.  My Gin and Tonics have evolved way past the fraternity days. 

The Components & Construction

While intuitively a Gin and Tonic, is just a gin and a tonic, there are so many combinations to contemplate.  I know of about a dozen different tonics, and 20 times that in gins.  Then we can always add more things like herbs, fruit and vegetables.  Turns out the possibilities are nearly endless. 

If we start with the best ingredients in great combinations, then its just a matter of building.  I construct all drinks the same way.  In a large chablis or wine  glass start with 2 ounces of gin.  Add any herbs, botanicals, fruit or vegetables, let it sit for 20 seconds or so.  Add 4 ounces of tonic, then 5-6 cubes of ice, stir three times.

Regard. Drink. Repeat. 

For this drink I have added Thai basil from the garden, it is a tad less powerful than regular basil, but in a pinch regular basil will do.  Mine was in bloom, even better.  I used a light gin, Hendricks. The tonic was a little more bold I chose Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, and think slice of lemon to citrus.  Also a big shout out to Tim and Katie, still using the  puppy paw glasses, they are of the perfect size and so fun!

Gin and Tonic with Dill and Cucumber

Hendricks Gin. Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic. Thai Basil. Lemon

Gin and Tonic with Thai Basil Flowers

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By Rick Britt Serves: 1 Cocktail
Prep Time: 2 minutes

In this Gin and Tonic I added Thai basil from the garden, it is a tad less powerful than regal basil, but in a pinch regular basil will do. 


  • 2 ounces Hendricks Gin
  • 4 ounces Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water
  • 1 small sprig of Thai Basil, in bloom if you can. Or two regular basil leaves
  • 1 thin slice of lemon



Add gin to a large chablis or wine glass.


Gently bruise the basil by softly rolling it between your hands.


Add basil and lemon.


Let it sit for 20 seconds or so.


Add tonic, and 5-6 cubes of ice.


Stir three times.


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