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Essential Glassware

To build essential glassware for a home bar, there are four glasses you need to start, and a tiki mug if you are so inclined, certainly there are speciality glasses and mugs you can get, like a Moscow Mule Mug, Julip Tin, Toddy Glass, or Nick and Nora, but these four are the right start.

The Four Horsemen

Why this four essential glassware?  Well in each case the glass is not just appropriate but allows the drink to form in the correct way. Note, none of my glasses came from Amazon, not for any real reason, I just owned them previously.  I have gifted some, choose what you like from where you like.  These images will take you to Amazon, and also show you what they look like.

Old-Fashioned or Whiskey Glass

Thick bottomed and made for just over 2 oz of liquid, and a huge ice block so that the liquid is chilled, but the ice does not float.


Highball or Tom Collins glass

Made for more liquid, and ice, in a high ball 2 oz of spirit and 4 oz of seltzer, also in fizzes the tall shape will be conducive to the foamy head lasting longer.

Martini Glass

Sloped sides and pointed bottom allow for a sipping of a cold martini over a long time.

Coupe Glass

The most versatile of the basics, I own a full dozen of these.  The rounded shape is perfect for so many cocktails, yet the stem allows for elegant sipping without the warmth of the hand effecting the drink as much.  I use these a lot.

Now I’m thirsty, let’s grab a bottle, get shaking and go have a drink!

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