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Vegan Recipes

Browse through our extensive collection of delicious vegan recipes.

From soups to mains, to vegan desserts, we’ve got plenty of tasty recipes to keep you well fed!

These vegan-friendly recipes prove meat and dairy-free doesn’t mean sacrificing flavour and diversity. With yummy options like tofu, agar-agar and almond milk. You’ll be surprised at the incredible flavours vegan eating has to offer.

You can find plant-based recipes for just about anything these days. Many parts of the world have strong historical and cultural associations with plant-based food. They have great, authentic dishes that people have been eating for generations. On top of that, many fine chefs and cooks around the world are reinventing our favourite ‘meaty’ meals using plant-based ingredients.

So whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or trying to reduce your meat consumption, you’ll love these hearty, familiar plant-based meals.