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Cured Meat Recipes

Cured meat recipes  that give an instant burst of serious flavor. They are  waiting to drop on any and all dishes you dream up. Smoked sausages, air-dried pork, spicy soppressata. Charcuterie is satisfying and versatile, and the deli counter staple we always want on hand.

Charcuterie is a generic term for the products traditionally sold by charcutiers (pork butchers).

These include all products based on pork meat or offal, including cured and cooked meats, fresh and smoked sausages, pâtés, black puddings and salamis.

In France, it also refers to the shop itself that sells these kinds of products. Order charcuterie in a restaurant and you will be served a platter of cuts of meats and sausages prepared in various ways.

Good-quality cured meats have the most amazing deep, rich salty flavour. From a Coppa di Parma (cured pork neck) to an aged acorn-fed Spanish ham. Nothing quite satisfies the way cured meat recipes do.

Finally, take a bacon sandwich. Made with proper, aged, smoked English bacon, is there anything better?