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Baked Salami | Easy Crispiness and Chewiness |

Baked Salami

We were not sure what to do with this baked salami recipe, it stands on its own, but sort of doesn’t. So, indulge me this simple recipe so that I can share it on its own. Allowing us to add it liberally to other recipes.   I came across this idea years ago.  I had the oven on for another reason and just threw some salami on a cookie sheet and baked it for about 5 minutes.  What came out has been a recipe changer.

You can bake from 2-10 minutes based on how thick the cut, and desired level of crispness you want.

Crispiness and Chewiness

This technique is so wonderfully versatile.  We serve the crispy baked salami version as a chip. The chewy versions as a change on a charcuterie board.  The crisps can be crumbled on salads or sliced on sandwiches.  The texture is an amazing change that many soft recipes need like a chicken salad.

Is it really that easy?

Baked salami, can be made from any salami.  Just slice and spread on a cookie sheet at 275 F (135 c) for 2-10 minutes depending on crispy needs.  You can cube, julienne or wedge chop beforehand, or after.

Sprinkle baked salami on a salad, or pile on top of a protein.  This will add texture to a dish and an earthy salty addition, or just serve on a plate.

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